Happy New Year 2018


January 2018

We can only do the best we can with what we have to work with at that time.

Hindsight helps decisions made in the future, but tests that are in-the-moment often challenge our hearts, souls and minds. We are in the midst of one of those times. Thought-provoking. Inflammatory. Confusing. What will we do to save our country, our planet, and our fellow beings?

Hate isn’t the answer, yet there are so many haters and schemers who have emerged to fly their vile flags in our faces. They push, shove, yell, lie, try their best to intimidate. They are like schoolyard bullies. Some on the schoolyard shake in their shoes, others whisper that the bullies are A-holes, and others leave the scene. But we all know that bullies will only get bigger and nastier without a challenger or two.

Emotions swing back and forth between anger and depression. What to do? What to do? Not sure, but I do know we can’t just sit back, wring our hands and lament of what could have been. We must take a stand, hold that stand until the tides turn, and then we must continue to fight to ensure the poisonous quills of hate are rendered immobile.

MTK day is stamped on my calendar as Monday, January 15th. Honoring his deeds and spirit should be an everyday occurrence, and a constant celebration of humanity. Humanity that values every person and every living thing on this planet.

There was a poster in the 60s with the words “War is Not Healthy for Children and Other Living Things”, and this continues to ring true. Every Day. We are in a war to save the progress we have made in the past 50 years. A war that truly had only begun and it needs our attention, our nurturing, and our protection. We must continue on this path. Period.

We must march. Vote. Pass legislation. Run for office. Be gatekeepers for our country and its people. ALL of its people.

We shall overcome.